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Library version 2.6.4
Devpak version 2mol
GCC version 3.4
Packager mol
michal at molhanec dot net
Last modified 2005-06-04 21:36:23
Description GRETA gives you all the power of Perl 5 regular expressions in your C++ applications. These easy-to-use classes let you perform regular expression pattern matches on strings in C++.
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Category String Manipulation

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Re: compile problems by guest 2006-03-14 02:01:12 Reply
oops. solved. i didn't include <sstream>.
compile problems by guest 2006-03-14 00:27:31 Reply
just downloaded this but when i compile with libgreta.a included i get the following errors:

E:/DEV-CPP/lib/libgreta.a(regexpr2.o)(.text$_ZN5regex6detail41_GLOBAL__N_regexpr2.cpp_EF105EC1_6AECEEAA13regex_isctypeEiw[regex::detail::(anonymous namespace)::regex_isctype(int, wchar_t)]+0x14):regexpr2.cpp: undefined reference to `btowc'
E:/DEV-CPP/lib/libgreta.a(regexpr2.o)(.text$_ZN5regex6detail12regex_wctypeEPKc[regex::detail::regex_wctype(char const*)]+0xd):regexpr2.cpp: undefined reference to `wctype'

is this a problem with my mingw? i'm using "g++.exe (GCC) 3.4.2 (mingw-special)"

Re: No file by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2005-06-12 18:24:11 Reply
Sorry for that, it should be fixed now.
No file by guest 2005-06-12 18:02:59 Reply
Can't download, the link is broken :(

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