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Library version 2.1
Devpak version 1mp
Packager d0c
d0ccrazy at web dot de
Last modified 2005-12-15 00:15:19
Description SDL Console
A quake-like drop-down console for SDL.

The newest version can be found at


Original Version by
Garrett Banuk

Version 1.x
Boris Lesner (talanthyr@tuxfamily.org)

Version 2.x
Maintainer and responsible for future releases:
Clemens Wacha (reflex-2000@gmx.net)
Library homepage
Depends on SDL
Category SDL

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This site is great. It is definitely a big helper to programmers. I thank the authors and developers for this site, as well as the packagers. This website has given me the utmost assistance with programming.
SDL_Console by oznek (oznek at hotmail dot it) 2007-02-17 13:58:02 Reply

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