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Irrlicht 1.0 + D3D Support

Library version 1.0
Devpak version 2gs
Packager GabySoft
gaby_soft at yahoo dot es
Last modified 2006-07-05 14:23:41
Description The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance open source and cross platform 3D engine for creating realtime 3D applications. Its main targets are to be easy to use, extremely fast, extensible and crash safe.

The engine is a quite flexible graphics engine, and it is possible to write lots of different applications with it. Some are: complex 3D simulation applications, first and third person shooter games with indoor and/or outdoor scenes, real time strategy games, 2D games, ...

In this devpack comes with exporters for blender, 3ds max...(bin\irrlicht\exporters) Examples, docs (docs\irrlicht) and one little Template.

:: New Features ::

* Enhanced software rasterizer: 32 bit rendering, dynamic lights, more materials (Thx to Thomas Alten!).
* Support for the Code::Blocks IDE
* Better support for orthogonal rendering and drawing to foreign windows, useful for creating 2D games, editors and 3D tools using Irrlicht.
* Improved Irrlicht.NET (root scene node, view frustrums, bounding boxes, ...)
* More precise picking
* gcc 4 support
* Bugfixes, other small implemented feature requests
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jimmy no m8s by guest 2006-12-29 19:47:26 Reply
I think irrlicht is rly good like!

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