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Library version 1.0.17
Devpak version 1.0
Packager kkhawi
kkhawi at gmail dot com
Last modified 2007-01-16 16:46:28
Description Libsndfile is a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (such as MS Windows WAV and the Apple/SGI AIFF format) through one standard library interface. It is released in source code format under the Gnu Lesser General Public License.

The library was written to compile and run on a Linux system but should compile and run on just about any Unix (including MacOSX). It can also be compiled and run on Win32 systems using the Microsoft compiler and MacOS (OS9 and earlier) using the Metrowerks compiler. There are directions for compiling libsndfile on these platforms in the Win32 and MacOS directories of the source code distribution.

It was designed to handle both little-endian (such as WAV) and big-endian (such as AIFF) data, and to compile and run correctly on little-endian (such as Intel and DEC/Compaq Alpha) processor systems as well as big-endian processor systems such as Motorola 68k, Power PC, MIPS and Sparc. Hopefully the design of the library will also make it easy to extend for reading and writing new sound file formats.
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Re: broken package by guest 2007-05-24 02:21:59 Reply
works fine for me
Fixed! by kkhawi (kkhawi at gmail dot com) 2007-01-21 20:46:22 Reply

The package has been repaired now and should work.

Re: broken package by guest 2007-01-21 19:54:47 Reply
Hi guest, I'm fully aware of that.

I found this problem last night and I can't explain it. The package works for me locally, but after I upload it and download it again, it's corrupted.

I will repair it now; if you can't wait, drop me a message and I will e-mail it to ya.


broken package by guest 2007-01-21 19:45:53 Reply
libsndfile package is broken (688 bytes) and cannot be installed.
It's for reading and writing, not *playing*. by kkhawi (kkhawi at gmail dot com) 2007-01-16 16:49:57 Reply
But it's very clean in interface and it's very intuitive. Enjoy!

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