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Library version 3.4.2-20040916-1
Devpak version 1spec
Packager specu
marekj1 at gmail dot com
Last modified 2005-06-04 23:26:40
Description This is gcc-g++ 3.4.2-20040916-1 - the current (Sep 21, 2004) version released by the MinGW team. As of around 2004-11-04 this has become the CURRENT stable version.
MinGW homepage
Depends on
Category MinGW

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gcc-g++ by dsrdakota (dsrdakota97 at gmail dot com) 2012-03-12 21:25:37 Reply
I suggest that everybody backup their installation files. I upgraded to gcc-c++-4.5.x and it's VERY UNSTABLE, so I uninstalled it. It deleted the original gcc-g++-3.4.2 w/out prompt. Why couldn't someone rename the prefix/suffix of cpp.exe, c++.exe, and/or g++.exe to x-4.5.x.exe or x-3.4.2.exe !? So dumb no backup files! At least someone uploaded this package otherwise I would have to reinstall!
ok by alex63320 (webskateur63 at hotmail dot com) 2006-03-08 21:09:34 Reply

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