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Library version 1.5
Devpak version 1
Packager abalakin
balakin1975 at mail dot ru
Last modified 2008-01-11 14:03:42
Description MathGL library make wide spectrum of mathematical graphics (plots, surfaces, contours, isosurfaces and so on) in platform independent way. Graphics may be exported to EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG or TIFF formats. Front-end for library is based on OpenGL and GLUT libraries. Also it is possible to draw plots in console regime directly to the file (bitmap or vector) without using X-server. Output graphics is adopted to use with wxWidgets and FLTK libraries.
Library homepage
Depends on libpng
Category OpenGL
3d Graphics
2d Graphics

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complex number by Shailendra (shailendra3k at yahoo dot com) 2008-08-12 07:13:27 Reply
send me in detail but not basics about complex number with some solved problems. Specially explain about "rotation rule".
rer by guest 2008-02-26 19:36:13 Reply

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