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Library version 2.16.1
Devpak version 1sau
Packager Sausage
sausage at tehsausage dot com
Last modified 2009-05-23 14:19:15
Description AngelScript is a free, open source, flexible, and cross-platform scripting library meant to be embedded in applications. The purpose is to provide an easy to use library that is powerful, but that isn't weighed down by a large amount of rarely used features.

The following addons are included:
autowrapper: #include <angelscript/aswrappedcall.h>
clib: #include <angelscript/angelscript_c.h> / -las_c
scriptany: #include <angelscript/scriptany.h> / -las_scriptany
scriptbuilder: #include <angelscript/scriptbuilder.h> / -las_scriptbuilder
scriptdictionary: #include <angelscript/scriptdictionary.h> / -las_scriptdictionary
scriptfile: #include <angelscript/scriptfile.h> / -las_scriptfile
scriptmath: #include <angelscript/scriptmath.h> / -las_scriptmath
scriptmath3d: #include <angelscript/scriptmath3d.h> / -las_scriptmath3d
scriptstdstring: #include <angelscript/scriptstdstring.h> / -las_scriptstdstring
scriptstring: #include <angelscript/scriptstring.h> / -las_scriptstring
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Category Scripting

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DevPak updated by guest 2009-10-07 13:26:22 Reply
2.17.1: http://devpaks.org/details.php?devpak=269
This should also fix a problem of it not working on gcc3 (unconfirmed that the problem exsted)

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