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Library version 5.1.2
Devpak version 1ext
Packager Extropy
piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de
Last modified 2013-05-24 04:59:20
Description GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library, the fastest bignum library on the planet!

This is a "Generic C" build that should run on any CPU, in any OS. Both static and dynamic (DLL) libraries are included. The C++ wrapper is included.

The latest documentation is included in PDF format.

Note: For absolute fastest speed, GMP should be manually built on each target environment. This is especially true for 64-bit environments, as this build is only optimized for 32-bit environments.
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Category Mathematics

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Re: MIME type by Extropy (piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de) 2010-01-01 09:11:41 Reply
This is fixed now. Thank you guest.
MIME type by guest 2009-12-23 23:11:07 Reply
your web server serves the files as text/htm, so browsers adhering to MIME type (e.g. Firefox) try to display it instead of downloading. You should change it to something like application/bzip2 .
NEW LINK by Extropy (piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de) 2009-12-23 15:34:53 Reply
New download link, check it out.
Re: Try to download in Firefox, not IE by guest 2009-12-22 01:59:10 Reply
The link may work for you, because its your devpak. But for other people it shows either forbidden or something like "you don't have enough right to access it". Even that after logging in.
Try to download in Firefox, not IE by guest 2009-12-13 00:55:42 Reply
The link worked for me in Firefox, but not IE, for some reason.

THe link works; just have to use Firefox.
can't download as no permission to open site by zafar khan 2009-12-12 18:41:52 Reply
can't download as no permission to site http://sites.google.com/site/ssitey/gmp-4.3.1-1ext.DevPak.

Any ideas how to download?

Link updated by Extropy (piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de) 2009-10-06 20:38:19 Reply
New link posted. Thanks :)
??? by guest 2009-10-06 17:19:12 Reply

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