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Library version 5.1.2.x86
Devpak version 1ext
Packager Extropy
piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de
Last modified 2013-05-24 04:58:17
Description GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library, the fastest bignum library on the planet!

This is a ``Fat Binary`` build that should run quite optimized on any x86-Family CPU, in any OS:
`i386`, `i486`, `i586`, `pentium`, `pentiummmx`, `pentiumpro`, `pentium2`, `pentium3`, `pentium4`, `k6`, `k62`, `k63`, `athlon`, `amd64`, `core2`, `viac3`, `viac32`

Both static and dynamic (DLL) libraries are included. The C++ wrapper is included.

The latest documentation is included in PDF format.

Note: For absolute fastest speed, GMP should be manually built on each target environment. This is especially true for 64-bit environments, as this build is only optimized for 32-bit environments.
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Category Mathematics

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NEW LINK by Extropy (piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de) 2009-12-23 15:37:19 Reply
New permanent download link, check it out.
Try to download in Firefox, not IE by guest 2009-12-13 00:56:26 Reply
The link worked for me in Firefox, but not IE, for some reason.

The link works; just have to use Firefox.
Link updated by Extropy (piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de) 2009-10-06 20:39:43 Reply
2009-Oct-06: New primary download link.

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