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Library version 5.1.4
Devpak version 1
GCC version 3.4
Packager pmsoftware
pm at pmx dot it
Last modified 2010-01-11 22:48:44
Description Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. Lua is free software.

Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. Lua is dynamically typed, interpreted from bytecodes, and has automatic memory management with garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration, scripting, and rapid prototyping.

Used in many comercial games.
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Category Scripting

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Not work by guest 2012-03-05 02:36:30 Reply
Is link to -lLualib! Not exist this lib.
Template is not correct, not work.

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