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Library version 3.1.2.x86
Devpak version 2ext
Packager Extropy
piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de
Last modified 2013-05-29 20:52:56
Description The Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable Library.

MPFR is a portable C library for arbitrary precision floating-point computations *with correct rounding*. It is based on the GNU MP library. It aims to provide a class of floating-point numbers which is both efficient and has a precise semantics. The main characteristics of MPFR, which make it differ from most arbitrary precision floating-point software tools, are:
- Portability, i.e., the result of any operation does not depend on the machine word size mp_bits_per_limb;
- The precision in bits can be set *exactly* to any valid value for each variable;
- Provides the four rounding modes from the IEEE 754-1985 standard, plus away-from-zero, as well as basic operations for other mathematical functions.


This is an x86 build (and is based on a ''Fat Binary'' build of GMP) that should run fairly optimized on any x86-Family CPU, in any OS:
'i386', 'i486', 'i586', 'pentium', 'pentiummmx', 'pentiumpro', 'pentium2', 'pentium3', 'pentium4', 'k6', 'k62', 'k63', 'athlon', 'amd64', 'core2', 'viac3', 'viac32'

This is a static library.

This ideally should be used with GMP 5.1.2, but probably 4.1.0 or later will work.

The latest documentation is included in HTML and PDF formats.

Note: For absolute fastest speed, MPFR should be manually built on each target environment. This is especially true for 64-bit environments, as this build is only optimized for 32-bit environments.
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