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Library version 9.portable64
Devpak version 1ext
Packager Extropy
piman_devpaks_org at kurzepost dot de
Last modified 2013-04-30 09:10:22
Description This package contains C software to implement JPEG image compression and decompression. JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale images.

This was compiled from source downloaded directly from the Independent JPEG Group's website, ijg.org.


This is a "Generic C" 64-bit build that should run on any 64-bit CPU, in any 64-bit OS. Both static and dynamic (DLL) libraries are included.

The latest documentation is included in HTML format. Also included are: the JPEG FAQ (faqs.org) and the "comp.compression" mailing list's FAQ.
Library homepage
JPEG standards committee
IJG's development site
Depends on
Category Image Manipulation

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