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Library version 3.16
Devpak version 0cmw
Packager veganaize
topher dot wheeler at yahoo dot com
Last modified 2016-05-07 00:18:26
Description rm - remove files or directories

If 'rm.exe' is removed from your system, you will get errors when you try to "clean" your project directory. This situation can occur because the 'rm' utility is included in some DevPaks and not in others, even though they replace a previous package containing it.

For example: The original 'binutils' package that installs with Dev-C++ includes the 'rm' binary, but some newer 'binutils' packages don't. So it gets uninstalled with the original DevPak and isn't replaced when upgrading packages. Recent releases of Windows require updated 'binutils', 'gcc-core' and 'gcc-c++' packages (2.20.1-2 and 4.5.0-20100311-2, respectively).

If you get an error when cleaning a project, install this package and it may correct your issue. It is 32-bit and should work with all releases of Dev-C++ (including 64-bit) since its bitness isn't important to the application or project and it is the exact same binary that shipped with version
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