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Library version 0.9.7
Devpak version 1fryppy
GCC version gcc3.4.2
Packager Alex FryPpy
fryppy at mail dot ru
Last modified 2005-07-05 09:26:46
Description This is the log4cxx 0.9.7 Dev-Cpp Development Package.
This devpak helps you add logging features to your applications. Console and file logging, using Windows NT event logging service, network and SMTP logging, XML, HTML and plain text representation of logging data, filters and easy configuration with XML or plain text files are main advantages of log4cxx system.

This Build lacks of SMTP logging service, because it feature depends on libSMTP, which is not published as devpak.

This devpak implicitly depends on iconv and needs of iconv.dll library. It\'s ok to use libiconv.dll from libiconv version 1.8-1 devpak. If you can\'t find such stuff, I have placed it in :\\Dev-Cpp\\Examlpes\\log4cxx\\lib\\iconv.dll.

Other dependences are: Libxml2 Pthreads.
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Category Logging

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About It by Victor Cardoso (labrax at gmail dot com) 2006-06-10 03:52:47 Reply
...This is great, but, i need a new system, this look a %###, can creat a better with no iconv.dll library? I need a special with out it.

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