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Devpak version 1sid
Packager frantisek.sidak
dev at sidak dot net
Last modified 2005-11-23 11:26:30
Description IBPP, where 'PP' stands for '++', is a C++ client interface for Firebird Server versions 1.0, 1.5 and further. It also works with InterBase 6.0, though it is expected it might only support Firebird in the future. It is a class library, free of any specific development tool dependancies. It is not tied to any 'visual' or 'RAD' tool. It was indeed developed to add Firebird access in any C++ application. Those applications using IBPP can be non-visual (CORBA/COM objects, other libraries of classes and functions, procedural 'legacy' code, for instance). But it can of course also be used in visual or RAD environments. IBPP is indeed purely a dynamic SQL interface to Firebird. In some easy (we think so :-) to use C++ classes, you will find nearly all what is needed to access a Firebird database, and manipulate the data. IBPP also offers access to most of the administrations tasks : creating a database, modifying its structure, performing online backups, administering user accounts on the server and so on.
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Error when compiling with wxDev-cpp by guest 2008-01-10 00:20:23 Reply
180 C:\Developer\Dev-Cpp\examples\ibpp\tests.cpp cannot convert `IBPP::Date' to `int' in assignment

numerous other compile erros

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