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Rules for creating devpaks

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File naming rules

If your devpak is independent on GCC version (typically plain C devpaks), you should follow this rule:


Name of the package and version cannot contain - use _ instead. Example:

If your devpak depends on GCC version (C++ devpaks) the rules looks like this:



Package revision explained

Package revision part consists of build number and packager identifier. E.g. third release of Allegro 4.1.16 devpak packed by Michal Molhanec would have the name:


Don't use mol for your devpaks. Choose your own identifier!

Where to install files

What Where
header files <app>\include\
library files (lib*.a) <app>\lib\
documentation <app>\docs\<LibraryName>\
binary files <app>\bin\
DLL files <app>\bin\ optionally also into <sys>\
examples <app>\examples\<LibraryName>\

Other rules

Don't use unnecessary lib prefix for devpak name, only when it is part of the official library name. E.g. libpng is name of the library so it makes sense to call the devpak libpng. On the other hand it makes no sense to call Allegro devpak liballegro instead of just allegro.